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Our Mission Statement
Have you ever been “visited” in your dreams by that special friend or loved one that has passed? Here at My Memory Capture you don’t have to wait until they appear in your dreams to provide you with a special video that you will be able to keep forever and watch whenever you wish. You can leave a personalized video message  or upload a memorable video you've taken to those special people or "Lights" to be played after your no longer around. Want to leave a video or slideshow to be played during your funeral, we provide the option to make a MMC to be played at that time as well. We also provide the option for you to upload your most precious digital videos/slideshows to be kept on our secure servers until you request them to be released to the Lights of your choosing at a designated time in the future even if you are no longer around. This option is known as a LightLine. Record your most memorable moments such as family get together's, birthdays, vacations etc. then upload them for secure holding and they will be released on a future date of your choosing such as a significant birthday when they are older or on a special date.  Who will be your Lights? Shine On…
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What do I get with the initial package?
After signing up and creating your account, you will be able to upload one video for free and assign it to whomever you like, for release in the future on a specific date or whenever you are no longer here. Options include 'Memory Videos', Funeral Videos and LightLine Videos. The initial free video can be up to 5 minutes in length and held for 5 years. Additional videos can be purchased for $5.95 for each with up to 5 minutes of 4k video per purchase. Additional years of storage can also be purchased in 5 year increments for $12.95.
Can’t I just make an MMC video on my cell phone in the event that I die and leave it there?
Of course you can, but there is no guarantee that people will view it. Many cell phone users keep pass codes on their phones and do not share it. Also, cell phones/computers/laptops can be lost, stolen or destroyed, but at My Memory Capture LLC, the videos are kept on secured servers until the proper time to be released.
Couldn’t I just make an MMC and send it my family member or friend and advise them not to view it until something happens to me?
Definitely, but would you trust anyone not to view it until just the right time? Even with close family members and friends, curiosity usually gets the best of us.
What if I am notified I have an MMC from a friend or family member but I am not emotionally ready to see it yet?
You will receive a link to view the video through your cell phone and/or e-mail that you have an MMC awaiting delivery. You will have up to 120 days from the time you receive the link to view and save it to your device.
What if I upload an MMC but would like to change it in the future, is this an option?
Yes, videos can be deleted or changed at any time. You may replace any already made MMC at any time free of charge. If you wish to keep the previously made videos for a “time-line” effect and add a new MMC this can also be done for a $5.95 fee.
What happens if the person I made an MMC for changes their phone number or e-mail address that I want the MMC to be delivered to?
When this happens you will need to log into your account and update their Ph# and/or e-mail address that you would like the Videos to be sent to. There is no charge for this update.
Are the MMC’s reviewed or viewed by anyone once we send them to your site?
Confidentiality and security is of the utmost importance to us at My Memory Capture LLC. and no videos are viewed by anyone in the company.
What if I have pictures for my LightLine that I would like to add, can I do that?
Yes, if you have pictures you would like us to securely hold until the right moment to be released, we can also do that as long as they are in a slideshow format. You can create a slide show various way such as Windows Media/Movie Maker or through a 3rd party online usually free of charge. Those are also only released upon request such as a future date or upon verification of death.
What if I decide later on I don’t want to leave a MMC and would like them deleted all together?
All you have to do is log into your account and delete any or all videos at no charge. You can update videos already uploaded or who receives them at any time.
If I create an MMC how will people know to contact you after I am deceased for it to be released?
After creating and uploading your videos you will want to let the people know that you created them by advising they are one of your LIGHTS and that you have made a MMC. They will then contact us for the release of the MMC at the proper time via the Contact Us page or emailing info@myfinalfarewells.com.
How is death “verified” to ensure the MMC's are not released by mistake or too soon?
After a friend or loved one contacts us about the loss, we attempt to contact the creator of the MMC via cell phone and e-mail address. If no response within 48hrs, we will reach out to the accredited funeral home that will be having the funeral service which will be provided by the person contacting us regarding the death for verification. Obituaries and death certificates may also be used for verification. If these methods cannot be met we will reach out the the account holders listed Main Contact for verification.
I would like to upload a MMC for my children but they do not have a cell phone or e-mail yet.
In situations like this, you may want to create an e-mail address for them even though they may not use it for some time so in the event that something does happen to you that they will have that MMC. Also you can have it designated to go to a trusted friends or family member’s cell phone and e-mail address for saving.
I don’t plan on dying for a while, why should I make a MMC now?
While the majority of us plan on living well into our Golden Years, the reality is many of us may not make it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that comfort of knowing in the event of your possibly untimely death you would be able to leave a lasting message for your friends or family that they will be able to keep forever and view at anytime.
What if I would like a MMC to be shown during my funeral, how will it get there?
After uploading your MMC or slide show with your own songs and pictures to be shown at your funeral you can create a Contact with the funeral homes information if known (most will not) then you will chose “Funeral MMC” in the dropdown in the Assign MMC tab after you log in to your account. Also you can designate a friend or loved one (LIGHT) to recieve it to provide to the funeral home from their phone or email.
I’m not sure if I want to upload a Memory Video just yet but I may like to do a LightLine for my children or family member. How do LightLine videos work?
LightLine videos are great ways to store your most memorable video moments and ensure they get to the person of your choosing when the time is right. Some people will elect to make yearly recaps of their life or for their children such as “This year Sydney you learned to crawl and eventually walk and we were so proud of you” for a timeline effect that can be added on to at any time. Already have videos that you want your children to have when they grow up or turn a certain age, LightLine Videos make an excellent gift. Videos of your most precious moments captured on your phone or other digital media can be lost and/or never be seen by the people you would like most. By creating LightLine Videos we will hold those irreplaceable moments until a time of your choosing or until verification of death and then will be released to your Light of choosing. The included package allows you to future date the release of the LightLine videos up to 10 years in advance with the option of adding additional 5 year increments and released upon your designated time.
If I create and submit a Lightline video to be sent on a future date but happen to pass away before the release date, will it be sent right after verification of my death or on my original release date?
Lightline videos will only be sent on the date of your choosing even if you should pass away before that time.

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