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About Us and Testimonials

 As the old saying goes, there are only two things guaranteed in life: Death and Taxes. Here at My Memory Capture, we envision a world in which after hearing the news of a loved oneʼs passing, the question following "How and when?" will be "Did they have an MMC and who was included in their Light Network?"  
We hope everyone will take the time to upload those special video's for those closest to them. Leave something that will live forever. Shine On...

Knowing that if something does happen to me my family will receive a "video memory" that means a lot to me helps me sleep better at night. - Lindsay S.

It was so great to get a personalized video from my dad who died last month unexpectedly, I watch it daily when I am missing him and I thank him for leaving me this gift. -Mark R.

I love the Lightline idea! I've started uploading videos of my daughter and have them set to release when she turns 18, even if for some reason I am no longer here. -Susan C.

As a Police Officer I never know if I will return home safely at the end of my shift.   Knowing I have these in the event something happens is comforting. -John M.

I wish my brother had left one of these for me when he died well before his time.  I've uploaded some home videos that I took from my phone that I know my wife and children will cherish, but hopefully they won't see them for a long time! -Steve L.

My grandmother was recently admitted to Hospice.  I wish all Hospice's used your service because when that day comes when she is no longer here having a video specifically from her would be priceless. -Jen C.

In the event that something does happen to me knowing that these home videos I have hand picked to be delivered to the ones that matter the most is strangely comforting. -Steve W.

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