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Upload your favorite cell phone videos to be released in the future for those closest to you today!
Weddings & Anniversaries
Capture these precious chapters of your life by uploading that special video for your partner to be released on a future date.
Leave behind something memorable for your loved ones to remember you by.
Life events
Whether it’s a graduation, or your baby’s first steps, nothing compares to saving those moments and automatically having them sent to the ones you cherish most on a specific date in the future.
Military & First Responders
For those who put the safety of others first: never leave a doubt in the minds of your loved ones.
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How it works
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01 Upload

Upload your favorite digital videos or record personalized ones to be released at a future date.

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02 Select

Once you have uploaded your My Memory Capture Videos, choose who will receive them and when.

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Choose from a variety of sharing options to decide when your loved ones will receive their videos.

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This was a great opportunity for me to share some memories with my loved ones. As a first-responder, I never know what the work day will bring me.

My Memory Capture provides me with a sense of security knowing that if anything were to happen, my family and friends would get the videos I cherish the most sent directly to them.

Chris G.

Chicago, IL

Frequently Asked Questions
What do I get with the initial package?
After signing up and creating your account, you will be able to upload one video for free and assign it to whomever you like, for release in the future on a specific date or whenever you are no longer here. Options include 'Memory Videos', Funeral Videos and LightLine Videos. The initial free video can be up to 5 minutes in length and released up to 12 months in the future. Additional videos can be purchased for $5.95 for each with up to 5 minutes of 4k video per purchase. Additional years of storage of when the videos will be released can also be purchased in 5 year increments for $12.95.
How is this different than the videos I put on Social Media already?
When you upload a video to Social Media platforms, most anybody can see these video's. Many people take videos that mean a lot to them but dont want to share with the world. At My Memory Capture, these videos are only sent to the person or person's you designate to receive them. Whether it be on a specific date in the future or when you are no longer around.
How do the videos get sent?
You will receive a link to view the video through your cell phone and/or e-mail that you have an MMC awaiting delivery. You will have up to 120 days from the time you receive the link to view and save it to your device.
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